August 30, 2017: President Sánchez Cerén Signs Order Creating National Commission

February 1, 2017: The President of El Salvador Approves the Creation of the National Commission for the Search of Disappeared Persons During the Armed Conflict

January 19, 2017, Press Release: “U.S. Congressman James McGovern, Children of the Disappeared Will Travel to El Salvador For Talks with Top Salvadoran Officials

October 18, 2016, La Raza Chronicles : “US Children of  Salvador’s renew their Search for the missing ”

April 21, 2016, El Pregonero: “Los Huesos de Nuestros Padres” (article)

April 15, 2016, Telemundo: “Hijos e hijas de desaparecidos de El Salvador claman justicia”  (video)

April 14, 2016,  Univision: “Salvadoreños Buscan Respuesta”



April 5, 2016, The Guardian. “What happens after you’re ‘disappeared‘” (opinion piece by MAF member Rossana Perez)

February 2, 2016,”Former Presiden Jimmy Carter to Serve as Honorary Chair of Foundation 

August 16, 2012,  KIQI Radio Interview with Sylvia